2X Partners

Strives in finding simple
solutions to complex obstacles and
creating value through this discovery.
Our edge derives from adopting
traditional and time tested solutions
into maturing cryptocurrency markets
and infrastructures.

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What We Do

Bitcoin network was created on January 2009, laying the first cornerstone to the problem milton Friedman saw 10 years prior. Still at its infancy,cryptocurrency infrastructures are far from perfect.
2X partners aims to take advantage during this wave of discovery and cement itself into the infrastructure ahead of its traditional financial counterparts.

Systematic Trading

Creating algorithm trading systems which drive returns for currency neutral/non-neutral needs while minimizing risk profiles.

Liquidity Solutions

Customizing liquidity replenishment solutions for global infrastructures to address issues in order book granularity, price fluctuations, spread and depth.

Treasury Management

Enhancing clientele liquidity Management via a collection in-house developed investment systems and partner security platform. Aimed to mitigate financial / operational risk whilst enhancing liquidity

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beliefs and mission

Our Investment Thesis

Institutional capital inflows and active ecosystem
participation are on the horizon.

Bitcoin is barely over a decade old. Its infrastructure and surrounding ecosystem is still at its very early phases of adoption and growth. Still, Bitcoin was at one point, the world’s sixth largest currency in circulation. Regulation, however, has lagged
and failed to adequately set guidelines to address criminal, financial, social and taxation issues. As a result, the market has grown largely on back of retailer flow but has yet to see significant institutional participation.

Imperfections are abundant and so are opportunities.

In traditional financial markets, when electronic trading was first implemented into NASDAQ, it greatly impacted stock market infrastructure. It improved: liquidity, costs, market access, transparency and overall market efficiency/price discovery. The centralized but decoupled nature of cryptocurrency trading infrastructure along with the expanding array of derivative and financial products, makes for an optimal environment for algorithmic trading. A vast number of opportunities for arbitrage, scalping,  mean reversion, pairs trading and cross-exchange trading.

Profitable algorithmic
trading is only one of multiple building blocks.

Our mission at 2x Partners is to create trading systems which record predictable returns, whilst keeping risk profile
to a minimum. We of course believe that adequate treasury management can not be without its algorithm/quantitative
component. However, it is only one of the multiple factors needed for successful management. At 2x Partners, we
formulate tailored portfolios depending on client risk appetite, view of market and investment thesis. We believe in
customization for client needs under the guidance of our investment values and principles.

Join us,

Our firm offers world-class technology infrastructure and research capabilities, but we are still unconstrained and nimble enough to remain deeply entrepreneurial. We are always
interested in people who have an appetite for taking calculated risk, demonstrate a high level of original thinking and intellectual curiosity.

Curious developers, researchers and problem-solvers, please say hello at Contact@2xfund.co.kr



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